What I Wanted To Be …

I grew up in Detroit, the oldest of two girls. When I was growing up I wanted to be impossible things – a Gypsy, an Indian back before the conquest. I briefly considered running a doll hospital. My most long lasting desire was to have six children, live in the country and raise goats and rabbits. And that is what I grew up and did for many years, more years raising children and fewer raising goats.

During my high school years I sent for brochures and info packets about raising goats and rabbits.  My younger sister is only 2 years younger than I am and I didn’t have much experience with children. I grew up in the city, and although we had a garden, we didn’t even have a pet bigger than a turtle so it is a mystery where the desire for lots of children and goats came from.  It was all I wanted during those years.

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After a series of twists and turns, I ended up in rural Simpson County, MS raising goats, chickens, a garden and children. We did that for 8 years and then moved briefly to a small city in Missouri where I was just as happy to say good-bye to twice a day milking and figuring out what to do with floods of milk. You can read more about that part of my life here > R is for Route 1 Box 173 & 1/2 From there we moved to Idlewild MI, in the great north woods. There we continued raising children and again added a big garden, a few rabbits and a lake.  We lived there for over 20 years.

Now we are back in the big city. All six children are grown now, some with children of their own. The goats, chickens and rabbits and even the garden are a memory.  Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I had wanted to be something else. I had, and have, many interests but I didn’t imagine myself a life in them.  I majored in printmaking and drawing and minored in creative writing but I never pictured myself living my life as an artist or a writer.

Now I blog about family history and research the family. I do some printmaking now and then. I make candles. I go to dance performances. None of these figured as “what I would do with my life” in my growing up ideas of the future. I never really pictured beyond that period when I was in the child raising days.  I’m not complaining. As I breathed a sigh of relief and moved on from milking goats, I’m enjoying making a life with out responsibility for the daily care of dependent children.




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