The Flood

I found this story in an old notebook.  I don’t remember where it came from but it had to include the following:  A flood, basement, a girl named Julia who likes to walk backwards, a big boy with black eyes named Bill, age 11.


Bill stood on the back porch watching the river. It was higher than usual because all the snow was melting and it had been raining for a week. His black eyes shone as he thought about riding out a flood in his new boat. It was a big one, for a row boat, and he’d waited all winter for the ice to melt – but a real flood!

“Wow!” he thought “That would be exciting.” He turned to go back into his basement, he’d never gotten around to building the rest of the house so he lived in the basement. When he saw Julia walking backwards down the road.

“Hey, Julia!” he called. “Where you going?”

“Gotta get to higher ground.” She called. She moved pretty fast to be going backwards. “My basement’s flooded.”

“Why not come with me.” He called. “I’ve got a boat and we can try it out.”

“Okay.” She said.

So, they got the boat out of the garage, piled in a bunch of food, pushed off into the flooded river and rowed away.