Long Ago Summer

I remember the summer we

stayed with Nanny and Poppy.

We used to walk our mother around the

corner to the bus stop. On the way back we

stopped and picked up the hibiscus blossoms to

mix into our mud pies.

One terribly stormy afternoon our grandparents

made us sit on the couch, no lights, no television,

no radio.  The lightening flashed through the lace

curtains. There was thunder, wind and pouring

rain. When our mother came home, jumping over

downed wires, we cried.

Evenings after dinner my sister and I sat around the

kitchen table with Poppy.  We ate Ritz crackers with

grated cheese and played Sorry while

Poppy drank his nightly glass of buttermilk.

2016 Postcard Poetry Wrap-up

postcards sent collage 2016

This was my 4th year participating in the August Postcard Poetry Fest and I think it was my best one yet. Although I seemed to take longer to get into the groove of writing the poems.  By the end of August it seemed to come more easily and I was still writing and sending out extra poems. Altogether, I sent 40 cards, 31 to people in my group and 9 to people in other groups. I made several photographic collages and used quite a few of my own photographs, printing them on these blank postcards. I also used up some of the postcards I had on had leftover from previous August fests.  I found those the least satisfactory this year.  As I post my poems from August I am using some of my photographs to replace those pictures that do not fit with the poem.

collage rows received.jpg

I received 37 cards, 30 from the 31 people in my group and 7 cards from those in other groups. The postcards were spread out over more time – some coming as early as July and still trickling in during September. More people made their own cards, at least some of them this year. There were watercolors, collages, drawings and photographs. Even the “regular” postcard pictures seemed to be less repetitious than last year when several of us used the same cards from Pomegranate.

The Facebook group was quite lively and built a sense of community among those who participated.  For those interested in participating next year, keep an eye on Paul Nelson’s blog. He keeps a countdown going and organizes the fest each year. You can read his after word at this link Paul Nelson’s Afterward.

I am enjoying comments on the poems I post, most of which come on Facebook.  And also reading the poems that others are sharing on their websites. I’m thinking about 2017. I plan to use my own photos and collages again.  Not sure how to match spontaneity in writing with making cards that match up with the poem. In the mean time I plan to write more poetry.