August Postcard Poetry Wrap-up 2017

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This is the 5th year I participated in the August Postcard Poetry Fest. There were more poet made cards this year. It seemed to take longer for me to get into writing this year. At the start it seemed weird because I had received the note from the editors of the ten year book that my poetry didn’t fit. It felt like I wasn’t a good fit for the postcard poetry fest after all.  That feeling soon disappeared and I got into the spirit of it. At the time of writing the postcards, I liked very few of the poems, but reading them afterwards I find I like them more and more.

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A Blue Dress

blue dress
A homeless girl asks for alms outside a coffee shop in Mumbai, India, June 24, 2016. Credit:Danish Siddiqui/Reuters/Files. (I photoshopped the original)

Once, a decade
ago, already sixty,
I saw a blue
dress in a store
window. Imagining
myself twenty,
wearing it, shashaying
down Detroit’s
streets, dancing and
twirling like I never


at home leaves
“Pond” by Wayne Thiebaud

At home the leaves will
be changing colors, dropping
into the lake where they
will float red, gold and
Here the squirrels throw down
their pecan shells onto
the driveway, making our
autumn alert system. The
grey sky barely visible through
the still green canopy.


windows mosiac carloyn
Mosiac by Carolyn Monteilh

The first window I
remember looking
out of was when I was
three, watching the
milkman and his horse.
Later, there was a pink
Cadillac, the mother locking
her little boys outside,
the police with guns drawn,
the shooting.
Today, two dogs run down the street.