August Postcard Poetry Wrap-up 2018

collage sent 2018 blog
Cards I sent this year.

This my sixth year of participating in the August Postcard Poetry Fest. I decided to make postcards from my old sketch books and that of my mother and aunt, plus two online drawings thrown in just because I liked the pictures. I also used several of my computer graphics.  I ran off 35 cards before the start of the fest.  That made it easier to concentrate on the poetry once August started, as opposed to the past few years when I have made postcards from my photographs as I went along.  I scanned the sketches and then printed them on blank postcards that I order from amazon.

I had planned to write a poem a day, but it didn’t always work out that way. Some days I wrote none and some I wrote several. I went down my list and addressed the cards and then wrote the poems directly on the card. Sometimes the picture would prompt something in my mind, but it wasn’t always about the picture on the card. Sometimes a poem would have matched a different picture better than the one it ended up with.  If I do my own cards next year, I will print them up before the fest again.  I am publishing my poems on this blog. I have edited some of them between the postcard and the blog.

To learn more about this annual postcard poetry fiesta, visit Paul Nelson’s page August Poetry Postcard Fest. Paul is one of the originators of the Fest and keeps it going year by year. New poets and interested parties, keep a watch and sign up next year!

august postcards 2018 fixed up4
Poems received from the August 2018 Postcard Poetry Fest.

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