I would watch the milk man with his

horse and wagon go down the street

in the morning from my bedroom

window. I must have been two because

when my sister was born we moved, and

my bedroom was in the back of the house,

with no window on the street. He left our

milk in a gray tin box on the back porch. That

was in Springfield. Later, when we moved to Detroit,

we had a milk chute on the side of the house.

It had a little door on the inside and a little door on the

outside so the milkman, who now drove a truck,

could put the milk in and we could get it

out. On cold winter mornings, the frozen milk

rose up over the top of the brown bottle.

For years I saved milk caps in a kitchen

drawer. Just saved them, never did anything with them.

After the heroin epidemic came, everybody sealed up

those milk chutes so no skinny thieves could

climb in the house that way.

3 thoughts on “Milkman”

  1. I remember the milkman deliver milk and juice to Gammies house on Atkinson. Same gray metal box on the front porch. The horse drawn wagon was exciting to me. I think it was “Twin Pines” dairy. TE 4 1155 was the phone number. LOL, weird how I remembered that!


    1. i don’t remember the milkman on Atkinson, but I remember she used to get bread deliveries. The man would come to the back door with a tray of different breads she had ordered. The memory is a weird thing.


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