After the Rain

This morning the green leaves, no

longer spring green, darker

and summer like, take up the space

where the sky showed last week.

Rain falls on the roof while I write. Outside

the open door, rain and the rustle of

leaves. There is no noise from the

swaying of tree trunks. Unless they

snap or pull up their shallow roots

and topple screaming to the ground.

2 thoughts on “After the Rain”

  1. Leaves taking up space–that’s a new concept. I always think of them in positive terms, leaves. But hiding the sky isn’t positive. Thanks for the new perspective.


    1. My yard is full of trees, right up to the house. When the leaves are out there is one spot in the driveway where we can see the sky. I never realized how much I needed to see the whole wide sky until I moved here. In the winter though, it’s visible, except for the bare branches.


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