Head of Table

My father at head of table

I don’t remember how the argument
started. I just
remember how my uncle Louis exploded
with the anger he’d been
holding in for years. Ever since
my grandfather died and my father
took his place at the head of table.
As the oldest, my father thought of
himself as head of the family. But
he didn’t live in
that house. It was my uncle’s house. He
lived there. He paid the bills. He
bought the food and supported their
mother and sister and nephew. Everyday
he went to the clinic where he and his father
had practiced medicine. His name was on
the deed. Why wasn’t he sitting at head of
table? My father sort of laughed it off,
made some remark to
diffuse the situation, changed
his seat. I think. He
must have because after
that, my uncle sat at the head and
my father sat
elsewhere around the table. I do remember
that. That and
the anger.

2 thoughts on “Head of Table”

  1. I do to. I think it was the same argument. I remember Hugh getting upset and shutting down the argument when it became apparent that Gammie was upset. Hugh didn’t show anger often but when he did everyone took notice and behavior was automatically corrected.

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