June 22, 2019 10:14 pm #12

Ran away negro
woman Mary, 26, ordinary, lost
front teeth;
speaks French and English; has
child six months old
with her.
intimate with negro William,
both have long
time relations with negro fishermen at the Bayou. reward
Twenty Dollars
bring her


June 22, 2019 4:01 pm #7

From the ruined house at the end of the dirt road,
he came out of the dark to our campfire. Roasting
marshmallows, we pull the
crispy, tender brown
from the soft white center. Colors
explode, showering sparks
down over the lake. Fourth of
July we  watched fireworks from my father’s
high rise fortress on the river. A sepia
photograph of the woman in gauzy,
off the shoulder evening wear, lying in the alley,
wet in the melting March snow. Two
houses and the church burned to the ground
that year. Nothing left but ashes.

Sandy colored, he came
like some lost ancestor
out of the dark. Sparks flying
from the fire.

Locked Out

June 22, 2019 3:04 pm

It was a hot Georgia summer day. As
my husband drove off, we
hollered and yelled
trying to get his attention. To
no avail, he disappeared over the hill.

My granddaughter and I were
barefooted, our cell phones
inside, it would be evening beforehe returned.
he returned.

We drank from the hose and sat
on orange buckets and a pile of bricks.
Considered walking to a neighbor’s and
using their phone to call for help.
But the asphalt was burning up, the
neighbors were still strangers, we knew
nobody’s numbers.

Being eaten alive by mosquitoes, we
soaked our feet in the
orange buckets.

When it started to rain, we
stood under the roof overhang.
Such relief when Ayanna came
home early and saved

The Trip

June 22, 2019 1:40 pm #5

We rode the motorcycle double
through the rain.

As it changed to snow,
we turned
back. The road was slick.
There was so
far to go.

we stopped at her house.
She invited us in
to wait out the storm,
to sleep there.

Lot’s of beds with lots
of old quilts, but the
the bathrooms were all in