Locked Out

June 22, 2019 3:04 pm

It was a hot Georgia summer day. As
my husband drove off, we
hollered and yelled
trying to get his attention. To
no avail, he disappeared over the hill.

My granddaughter and I were
barefooted, our cell phones
inside, it would be evening beforehe returned.
he returned.

We drank from the hose and sat
on orange buckets and a pile of bricks.
Considered walking to a neighbor’s and
using their phone to call for help.
But the asphalt was burning up, the
neighbors were still strangers, we knew
nobody’s numbers.

Being eaten alive by mosquitoes, we
soaked our feet in the
orange buckets.

When it started to rain, we
stood under the roof overhang.
Such relief when Ayanna came
home early and saved

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