Where I Lived

Golden leaves on trees on the shore of the Mill River. Snow as high as the porch. 

Belle Isle picnics, watching freighters on the Detroit River. The green canopy of Elm trees. A snow ball bush, an apple tree and cabbages in my grandparent's yard. Snow that fell all winter long and didn't melt until late March. 

Exploring second growth woods across from the cottage. Swimming across the lake in the summer and skating in winter. Fishing from the dock. The waves of Lake Michigan washing fish up on the cement walk to the Ludington light house. The Northern lights playing over the yard. So many stars. The shades of deep purple, maroon and brown of oak leaves. The red and yellow of Maples in the fall.

The Angel Oak and hanging moss. Sand dollars in the ocean. The totally dark night time roads of the sea islands. Fresh fish. Shrimp. Sand dunes and sea grass and the rise and fall of the tides.

Red dirt roads. The smell of pine trees in the heat of summer. Pecan trees. Huckel berries and black berries. Ticks.

Walking around Watkins Mill lake and down by the Fishing river. Snow and ice and slippery hills in winter.

Waterfalls,mountains,lakes and woods. So hard to get to for me, but then there are the many trees in my yard. The sun and sky and stars over all.

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