Dancing in the time of plague

my brother-in-law called yesterday 
morning from my driveway.
just dropping 
by to say 
good morning in this time of plague.

i saw them through the 
windows, suave and urbane. glad
I was dressed with
hair combed.

beside their car, they
began dancing, laughing 
music turned up 
they were a party in my driveway.

music down, we stood talking, 
me next to my car, they 
next to theirs. far
enough apart to be safe from
any stray virus we might be carrying.

it was the first time i'd seen them
since the quarantine - a month? two
months? it's hard to remember any more. 
their dog in the back seat. wondering 
why and where.

they'd just been by and waved at the grandkids 
through the windows. i wished for the porch
chairs and the little tables in idlewild.
i could serve tea and we'd sit, each at our 
table, and talk in the yard. ten feet apart.
just in case.

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