The Sky

When I was growing up, 
we went to bed 
early. Eight o'clock, 
in the bed. We 
missed the night sky 
and the stars overhead.

living in the country, 
lying in the yard 
watching the sky,
floating in the water,
I became part of the sky. 
I wanted
to lie under the 
stars when I was 
to disappear 
into the sky.

Here in the city, 
my yard is 
full of trees. The streets 
are full of lights. 
I can't disappear 
into the sky 

2 thoughts on “The Sky”

  1. The sky is endlessly fascinating, always. I do miss the open skies of small town Africa of my childhood. Can’t disappear into the sky now, too many lights, too many buildings, too much pollution. 😦


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