The Rain

She points to the stairs,he won’t budge. 
He stands in the pouring rain, ignoring 
her signal to exit up. Families mill 
about, confused. Should they go 
up or wait for further
The children sob, rain 
dripping from their chins.

A large woman in purple wants to help … The 
rain blows in through 
open windows. He gives the thumbs up,
standing in a widening puddle of water.

Giving him the side eye, she 
pours a glass of water, unaware of the 
boil water warning in effect.
Three beats. The rain continues to pour. A cool
wind blows. The trees bend. Two
beats. Too stubborn to obey,
he remains right there, dripping, while
she drinks the dirty 
water. A tree crashes beside him.

2 thoughts on “The Rain”

  1. Rain on the green grass
    Rain on the tree
    Rain on the house top
    But please don’t rain on me!


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