Surviving A Pandemic

In the beginning, we 
thought we needed supplies for 
two weeks.
Family accounted for and hunkered
Toilet paper and baking
yeast bought before it disappeared from
the stores.  Should have
bought flour, but who knew? Tulani 
came through with
ten pounds of whole wheat.
Ayanna brought vegetables and
fruits from farmers, meat from the 
butcher and bread from
the baker.

Initial driveway gatherings were 
emotional. We stood far apart
talking. Putting supplies on tables between.
Eating outside separately once or 

Celebrations continued. A birthday in the driveway. 
Another birthday and two graduations via 
zoom. Father’s day with masked visits. Ayanna's Cookies,
Tulani's cupcakes, Ife's cheesecake and Cabral's
doubles delivered door to 

We began gathering for
game nights on zoom. Seeing
some of the far 
flung family
more often than before.

Three months later, fireflies appeared.  Evenings 
we sit, watching them flicker in the wild
yard, thankful we are all
still here. Waiting for the cicadas to
begin their summer songs.

3 thoughts on “Surviving A Pandemic”

  1. Impactful reflection. The ways family supports one another and innovates to maintain valuable connection to family traditions is heartwarming. The predictability of fireflies returning and waiting on the arrival of summer cicadas gives me hope for some sense of normalcy in the future.

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