Monday Evening

Chili from the freezer. Prepared in 
advance. Just 
in case. 

I could feel it moving through my
Arm, she said. Really.

Not too many cars ahead. We wait. 
The sun is hot. Not
emotional this time. Just
so tired.

3 thoughts on “Monday Evening”

    1. The wait wasn’t that bad. Half in hour in the car with 3 of my near and dear. The facility we went to, The delta Flight Museum outside of Atlanta is one of the best sites in the country. A friend of mine who lives in Ecuador now read in a glowing review of it in a German paper. It really is well organized and we moved right through. And I was so glad not to have to get out of the car and go into some huge building with lots of other people and stand in line. It was hot though. No fault of the center. It’s Atlanta in the spring sunshine and 76 degrees. So glad to have it done!!


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