Dirty Hand Prints

My little sister looks 
back reaching
out to my 
mother. Baggy shorts pulled
up to her chest, her 
hair a halo of 
she reaches out, looking back. My
mother in white pleated
dress and
heels, smiles
brushes off dirty 
hand prints.

8 thoughts on “Dirty Hand Prints”

  1. Thanks, Kristin, for sharing this poem. I love it. Also, thanks for checking out the workshop. So glad they recorded for folks. Have a great weekend. There will be many other great VIPF workshops, so look for them on Facebook.


    1. When the prompt of dirty handprints was given, this photo of my sister and mother came to mind immediately. The poem was written with it in mind.

      Thank you for coming to visit my poetry blog while I take a genealogy break.

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