My Bedroom

Wrinkled sheets shoved willie 
nillie under the 
mattress. Crumpled pillows, 
half their weight (or
more) in dust 
Clothes piled on
dressers, teetering on the 
bookcase. Dust coats

7 thoughts on “My Bedroom”

    1. I did finally clear off the dresser and clean the mirror. And got new pillows. I have never seen dust accumulate like it does here. I’m going to look for “Dust if you must”


    2. Just read “Dust if you Must” and yes! Old age has reached me and it’s not always kind with stiffness and aching knees. And even less time to spend dusting.


      1. I’ve never liked dusting, even when young and of pain free knees. Now I use nasal allergies an an excuse to avoid it as much as possible. Here too it’s a desert climate so there is a lot of dust. It’s a part of life and yes, of bedrooms and other rooms. But much better to spend time on poetry than on dust…
        Enjoy the new pillows!


  1. I never did either, but also never had dust that was so obvious that it jumps out at me. And yes there are always those dust allgeries activated by dust. Happy to now imagine you in your dusty rooms.


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