Idlewild, Michigan – August Poem #28

IMG_1024One red tree –
in a field of bracken.
can bracken be “a field
of…?”  Dead trees,
green pines green
poplars. The moss good
for dolls.
One red tree –
the beginning of autumn – the last
card for August.




Clothesline – August Poetry # 26


Hanging clothes on a line
strung between trees. All
connected, clothespin to
line to clothespin.

A squirrel hunter once charged
toward me through the woods.
Making me remember another
mother hanging a fluffy,
white mitten, mistaken for
a leaping whitetail deer.

I take down the slightly
stiff clothes, folding them into
the basket.

Country Living


“Their armies (apparently) can live on dropped cat kibble” – Paul Nelson

The sleeper couch full of

dog food, a chipmonk ran

over it on a loop – in the

foundation crack, over the

couch, ushered out the

window by my eight year old

son. We were slow learners, finally

stuffing steel wool into the

opening. End of his game. We

didn’t find the mouse storage

bin until the overnight guests

pulled out the bed. Country