Hair On Fire

hair_on_fire.jpgLast night Jim and I were laying in the bed talking about the reunion when my eyes started to itch so I got up to splash some water on them. I had lit a new candle for my bathroom when we got home and it was sitting on my sink. After I stood up from splashing the water, the room seemed to get much, much brighter. I turned around to see what was happening with the candle (the only light in the bathroom) and saw MY HAIR WAS ON FIRE! Luckily, in my small bathroom, a towel was right at hand, I grabbed it and smothered my flaming hair immediately. It didn’t reach my scalp and my whole hair didn’t burn off, mainly one small area, which still has plenty of hair. I will probably give myself a trim to even it all out later. The candle was moved out of the room and then doused. The other candle in the front is now in a bowl of water. Just in case the fire was out to get us last night. Jim said it was because i had just been talking about other people’s thinning hair. anyway, that was a wild end to a strange (and perhaps last) reunion I ride to. Now that it’s over, I wish I could have a photo of myself with flaming hair, but not about to redo THAT! It all happened so fast. Then we had the smell of burning hair. .I took a shower and washed my hair and we soaked the scorched towel. Smells alright now. Guess my happy for the day was not burning myself up at 1AM

I didn’t scream or yell, unlike if I’d seen a waterbug!