Man by bradley jones 1964
“Man” by Bradley Jones. 1964

An orange line
ties them together.
dog head clear
clean. The man
head reworked smeared.

Cass Corridor now
“midtown”. Erasing

Remembering life drawing.
He was quiet and
so good. Tigers and women,
a rifle shot.


centipede poem-bathroom card.jpeg

Coming fast down
the bathroom wall.
another centipede waving
hairs undulating right
toward me.

Down the vent? Up
the drain? Will one
wait for me one night
in the dark?
Jim, help! there’s a bug
in here!

I never used to be so



My father refused to give
me money to buy
clothes in college. I
would buy
books, he feared.

Thomas Jefferson’s estate,
so deeply in debt from  buying books
and building that slave
families were broken,
sold deep south
never reunited.

Just Found Out


3 in a wagon -1951.jpg

“Just found out mama in the hospital
she said to tell ya’ll
she ain’t ready to leave earth
yet. She got 50 more years left”

May 30 1951.

3 in the red wagon in
Nanny’s and Poppy’s backyard.
I hold a doll.  My sister
holds a little notebook
and pencil.  She’s writing,
still.  Cousin
Barbara holds a cowboy boot
and gun. She looks worried.
Maybe she could see 63 years
ahead., herself lying in the
hospital, son sharing photo on
fb. No teeth. Oxygen. hair wild. dying of cancer.




“Don’t call me stupid.” she said,
sitting on the stoop.  I lived
around the corner. What, then,
did I think was stupid?

High school students.
She was a year younger and
bussed.  I walked 1.2 miles.
1962. Now the building
has been empty, destroyed 8
years. Walking down my
block, a google walk, my
house is boarded. Back
then there wasn’t a house
empty. Now lots of vacant
houses. Where did we all go?

2014 Postcard Poetry Fest – Poems Received and Sent

2014_postcards_received blog.jpg

I received 26 cards last year and 34 this year. The last one came September 12, 2014. I sent out 35 postcards. Some I made from old drawings and photographs, I ordered a 10 pack with the work of Cass Corridor artists,  I bought some in various places and from Pomegranate. Often I was inspired by the card or by something else and then found a card to fit my idea. I did a few 3 AM poems but seem to get stuck in writing about it being dark so quit writing at 3AM. The news inspired a few. I only typed 1 because the typewriter is so clunky.

I involved several other family members and there was 1 poetry discussion held in the Studio during my birthday party. It even involved bringing out the huge, unabridged dictionary that I bought years ago at the Baldwin Pathfinder Library book sale for 50 cents.  The question was “What makes it a poem?” The answer was inconclusive, neither side willing to concede.

postcards sent 2014 blog.jpg

The poems I wrote for the fest will be appearing on Ruff Draft for all of September.  Because I think in pictures, writing my poems brought pictures to my mind. If I have a photograph that fits with the poem, I’ve added it at the end.

Click for more information about the August Postcard Poetry Fest.