Dinner Talk

My mother always said if you wanted to, you would understand it.

At dinner I was looking for a poem, an American sentence, and counting syllables to see if I had 17 for the sentence. My husband and daughter Ayanna didn’t understand why I kept counting syllables. After explaining the why of it, Ayanna decided to write her own poem, which I publish above.


Green on green today. Rain
is promised but so far
just some drizzling. 
Still looking kind of dusty 
out there.

Looking for the Quick Banana
Bread recipe... found! 
Changing the base so that
Jim can use it... sugar to 
honey, shortening to oil,
all purpose flour to
whole wheat. 

Never mind. I found the original
recipe. Mixed and in the pan baking.

Rain sounds on the 
vent. The leaves now wet and
shiny. We eat the hot 
banana bread.