A Watermelon Mystery

The day was warm for May, not 
hot, but the windows and doors were open
letting in the pollen filled air. 
A car slowed and stopped in front of my house. 
Thinking they were more workers going to the 
permanently being renovated house across the
street, I continued to watch. It's one of our
main sources of entertainment, that house. 
I was surprised to see a young
woman jump laughing out of the car, 
run back, stoop and pick up a large
watermelon from the grass next to my
mailbox. Holding it close, she jumped into 
the back seat and 
woman, watermelon and driver

Concrete Cup Of Tea

This is the first prompt I tried to do and I can’t say I’m happy with it. Too much time and not even a poem. Maybe if I do one by hand… Not today though.

In the morning when the
sky is light, I get
up and make myself a cup
of tea. After filling the kettle with 
water, I turn on the fire and prepare the cup.
Adding the PG Tips teabag to my
favorite cup of the moment. That is
until I drop it and
it shatters.

Perhaps a piece of banana bread
on the side.